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: Modern Information Technologies in the Sphere of Security and Defence
: 2311-7249
: 0.25   
: Military Science
Description On the journal pages the following questions are considered: 1. Theoretical foundations and tool means of information technology creation and using in the sphere of security and defence. 2. Evaluation criteria and assurance methods of quality, reliability, survivability of information technologies and systems. 3. Optimization principles, decision-making models and methods when creating automated systems of different purpose in the sphere of security and defence. 4. Researching regularity of information communications construction and developing theoretical foundations of intelligent information technologies construction and implementation for creation of modern collecting, processing, holding control systems in the sphere of security and defence. 5. Interactive models of developing scientific-educational space in the sphere of security and defence. 6. Holding, developing and transformation of cultural-linguistic heritage in interactive discourse in the state‚Äôs information security context. 7. Globalization, polilogicality and interactivity as philosophical background of information technologies development in the sphere of security and defence. 8. Intelligent educational information technologies in the sphere of security and defence. Problems of learning technologies compatibility and interoperability. 9. Modern approaches to designing distributed intelligent systems for education and science. 10. Modern military theoretical problems.
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Publish By  National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovsky