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: Discobolul- Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Journal
: 2286-3702
: 1454-3907
: Under Evalution   
: Sports Science
Description Discobolul - Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Journal is a journal that provides original research, reviews and debate relating to: Sport Sciences, Physical Education and Kinetotherapy. Major areas of coverage include: sports, physical education, physical fitness, physical therapy, recreation, research area, sport activities, sport psychology, sport sociology, sports medicine, training and teaching methods, biomechanics-kinesiology, health, motor learning, psychology, philosophy, physiology, sport medicine etc. Our scope is to contribute to education (teaching and learning), research and knowledge from sport science and physical education area. Discobolul- Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotherapy Journal have important duties to promote research and publication integrity in the Sport Science, Physical Education, Sport Psychology, Sports Pedagogy, The Sociology of Sport etc. Discobolul promotes fair-play in scientific and editorial research. Discobolul - promotes research ethics, so that the data published in the journal pages to be reliable. It is conceived in accordance with the ethical principles of the Helsinki declaration on research on human subjects.
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