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: Nature Conservation Research
: 2500-008X
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: Environmental Sciences
Description To date, in Russia there are more than 13,000 Protected Areas (PAs) of different categories and levels. These comprise about 11.4% of the total area of the country. State institutions that manage the networks of Protected Areas (or by separate PAs, e.g. National Parks) have been established in 56 regions of Russia. The basis of this geographical network of Protected Areas is presented by 103 State Nature Reserves, 48 National Parks, 64 federal preserves, 64 Natural Parks, 2300 regional preserves, 8360 natural landmarks (including 17 federal natural landmarks) and another 2360 PAs of regional and local significance. In 2017, the system of Protected Areas of Russia will reach the age of 100 years. This is one of the first exactly scientific journals, so not a popular-scientific one. Its aim will be to show the quality and level of scientific investigations that are carried out in the Protected Areas, studies of biological diversity and also biology and ecology of rare species. Journal "Nature Conservation Research" will be an indicator of activity level of scientific researches in Protected Areas inside and outside Russia. "Nature Conservation Research" publishes original articles, reviews, short reports, research notes as well as chronicle, book reviews, anniversaries. The publication frequency is 4 issues per year. Scope: – Biodiversity and conservation of rare and endangered species. – Inventory of living organisms in Protected Areas and other territories. – Study and conservation of objects of non-living nature in Protected Areas. – Long-term monitoring of environment components. – New concepts, methods and techniques for nature conservation. – Anthropogenic transformation of natural ecosystems, invasive alien species. – Ecosystems management for nature conservation. – The legal basis for nature conservation and management. – History and development prospects of reserve management and studies.
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Publish By  Fund for Support and Development of Protected Areas