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1) What is the minimum requirement for evaluation of Journals Impact Factor (JIF)?

At least three issues have been published.

At least 8 to 12 articles must have been published in the every issue.


2) What are steps for evaluation of GSSR: Journal Impact Factor (JIF)?

Steps for applying JIF Evaluation:

Publisher /Editor in chief of The Journal filled the registration form .

Add our logo at your journal website home page.

We do provide you a webpage link at for your journal information.


3) What are the costs of journal registration?

Applying for the Journals Impact factor is free.


4) Who can apply a journal for getting the Impact factor?

The journal can be submitted by Publisher /Editor in chief of The Journal. After the journal is submitted, publisher and/or editor-in-chief and executive editor (depending on available information) are informed of the existence of such a situation.


5) Which scientific disciplines are covered by Journals Impact Factor (JIF)?

All Branches of Engineering, Agriculture Science,  Astronomy, Biology, Environmental, Chemistry, Cognitive sciences, Computer and information sciences, Information Technology, Earth sciences, Economics, , Geography, Law, Mathematics, Physical education, Physics, Social sciences, Veterinary medicine, Anthropology ,Medicine.


6) What is the evaluation methodology?

Refer our website for Evaluation methodology.


7) How long does the evaluation take?

Time of journal evaluation varies depending on the date of journal registration, No of Issues Published, Availability of the publication information properly, the frequency of publications, but not more than 30 days for the date of apply.


8) Who can apply for the review board?

All Professors/Engineers/Doctors/Scientists are welcome to apply for the review board.


9) Can we add the Logo and link of JIF into our Journal Home page?

Yes. After getting the conformation mail form JIF you can use the logo and link.