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: European journal of molecular biology and biochemistry
: 2348-2206
: 2348-2192
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: Biology
Description As the world’s leading publisher of medical & pharmaceutical sciences and health information, McMed International serves researchers, scientists, students, health and information professionals worldwide. McMed International committed to identifying new areas of emerging research in a diverse range of subjects involving technology and its impact on society. With scholarly journals focusing on serious gaming to support learning in and outside of the classroom, digital libraries to house classic literature, as well as nanotechnology and McMed International exhibit the progression of modern technology and the future of a socially globalized world. McMed International was one of the first scholarly publishers to publish its research in an online and print format. McMed International continued to develop our online platform, enabling full-text searching which includes a ranking system, increased search options (basic, advanced, expert, and subject), and several options to refine your search with filtering. McMed International is a comprehensive database that provides researchers and students with a research environment that is easy to use and complete with the most up-to-date content. McMed International looks forward to sharing with you the key features and functionality of this valuable premier research. Today we are driving innovation by delivering authoritative content with cutting-edge technology.
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