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: Biomedical Engineering and Electronics
: 2311-1100
: Under Evalution   
: Electrical and Nuclear Engineering
Description Modern development of medicine and medical equipment put the development of theoretical and technical working-out in the field of biomedical engineering and electronics in the forefront. Founders of the journal set the goal to cover scientific researches in this field and to implement scientific achievement and problem solving in the field of highly skilled specialists training. Electronic journal Biomedical Engineering and Electronics is an open free international electronic edition in the field of medical, biological, technical and chemical sciences. All articles published by E-journal “Biomedical engineering and electronics” are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers. The journal publishes articles and scientific surveys in the field of biomaterial science, biomedical technologies, interaction between physical fields and emissions and biological objects, working-out of the new radioelectronic devices for biology, biomedical technologies and medicine under the following sections: Medicine and medical equipment, Bioengineering, Mechanisms of electromagnetic fields, biological effects, Experiment, Equipment, New biomedical technologies, Electromagnetic fields and human’s health, Theory and practice of medical measurements, Issues of metrology and measuring system standardization. The objective of the academic periodical is publication of modern scientific researches and working-outs. Scientific information is available in open access for the discussion of the results and involvement of young talented scientists.
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Publish By  Kherson National Technical University